Sports Car Rental for the Cannes Festival

Outside of Hollywood, the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most celebrated events for the glitterati of world cinema. Held in the beautiful city of Cannes on the French Riviera, the festival attracts A-listers and up and coming talent who attend the premieres and previews of new films of all genres, including documentaries from all around the world. The festival concludes with the Palme D’or, one of the most prestigious prizes in the film industry.

The festival is a fantastic excuse to take a holiday in this magnificent part of the Mediterranean. From lying on stunning beaches to sunbathing on luxury yachts and seeing the best in new movies – what more could you want? A fabulous car to cruise the boulevards, of course.

Why would somebody hire a sports car for the Cannes Festival? The real question is, why not? With so many influential people kicking up gold dust on the red carpet, you can hardly blame attendees from indulging in a luxury car rental or sports car rental. It is all indicative of being part of the festival scene. The Cannes Film Festival is no longer viewed as a place for hipsters and film snobs the hang around; it is now full of powerful people, and it pays to look like one of them.

Which Sports Car Rental to Choose for the Cannes Festival?

There is nothing stopping you from hiring a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. You may think that the prices for these types of cars are over the top, but it simply isn’t true these days. They may be more expensive than an economy car, but there is no harm in having a bit of extra fun for a bit of extra money.

Remember that you are not hiring the car for its speed, especially since Festival season is usually a time when traffic doesn’t allow for speedy jaunts. You are hiring the car for its prestige, for the fun, and for the luxury. You are probably going to have to hire a car anyway, so why not get a really good one.

Why do you have to hire a car? You have to hire a car because during festival time the whole area is packed with people and public transport becomes unusable. Plus, there are many functions and parties that do not sit well within public transport schedules. Just as the major director of the day stands on a table to drunkenly announce who the next big star will be, you do not want to be the person dashing out the back because your car is parked miles away.

Why Not Visit the Cannes Festival in a stylish Sports Car?

Again, the question begs, why wouldn’t you pick something like a McLaren or exotic car rental if you are going to visit the French Riviera and attend its functions? The cost is only marginally more than if you hired a regular run-the-family-to-the-shops hatchback or saloon. Plus, the insurance you buy with your luxury car rental is a fraction of the cost you would pay if you owned the luxury car and wanted insurance.

One could also argue that you are also going to be forced to pay for extra fuel; after all, a Smart car is not going to guzzle fuel like a Lamborghini, yet you forget that you are on vacation. You are supposed to splash out a little extra for things like transport, food and accommodation. Where is the fun in visiting the French Riviera if you are going to live like somebody taking a wet weekend break with their in-laws.

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