Why rent an exotic car in Cannes on the French Riviera?

The annual Cannes Film Festival is an important event that attracts thousand of tourists on the French Riviera. You need to have a reliable means of transport when in unfamiliar territories; this is the reason why you need to look for the best luxury car hire services to get a car that will enable easy movement for you. Exotic car rental in Cannes is a common practice among visitors who have extra cash to spend.

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What to Look for in an Exotic Car Rental?

When looking for a car to use in Cannes, there are some factors you need to consider before you head out with the car.

1. Number of Passengers

The number of people in your entourage is an important factor to consider while looking for a rental car. If you have small kids, the car should accommodate them well including their luggage. Most of exotic convertible cars are only for two persons. If you want to travel in the most confortable way, choose one of our Rolls or Bentley sedans : your wife and children will love it.

2. Available deals and conditions of rental

Sometimes, car rental companies give out offers if one hires the car for a second day. Make sure you identify those that have great offers on multiple day rentals. Also, engage the salesperson and find out more about exclusions and inclusions. Ask about if you need to pay more for a second driver and about the country’s traffic fines if you are not familiar with them.

3. Acquaintance of the car

After picking out the car you want, acquaint yourself with the car’s operations; features and buttons before you take it out. Make sure you inspect the car for dents or other issues to avoid being charged for them when you bring the car back. Also, inquire if there is a pick-up point for the car or they will deliver it to your location. Do not let someone else drive the car as they might be careless and wreck it. Since you are the one responsible for the car, let it be you driving it as even the smallest repair could cost you a substantial amount of money unless you are insured for that.

4. Book early to get the best prices

To avoid last-minute rush, book in advance as there might be no car available when you will need one; this is true for an event like the Cannes Film Festival that has thousand of visitors most of whom might want to rent cars. Also, some companies have discounts for people who book in advance as opposed to those who go for the cars when the festival starts.

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Available Sports Car Rental in Cannes

There are many options for sports car rentals that include Ferrari hire, Lamborghini rental, Bentley, Rolls which will all cruise down well along Croisette at the Palais des Festival.

The sports cars have different costs of hire with a Ferrari 488 Spider going from €1300 per day. Another model, the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, goes from €3500 per day.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy the Cannes Festival, make sure you have an exotic car rental in Cannes that will enable to discover the South of France’s way of life. With Monte-Carlo Sports Car, access to the best choice of exotic cars.