Top Speed 325 km/h
0-100 km/h 3.1 s
Engine V10
Power 640 HP
Seats 2

Lamborghini Huracàn Rental in Monaco: Why Should You Trust Monte-Carlo Sports Car?

Ever wondered why our exotic car rental is so popular? Ever wondered why we keep making the top ten lists, and why people both online and offline are raving about our supercar rental service? The answer is simple, we have the best selection of the world’s most powerful and luxurious cars. If you are looking for a genuinely good time in Monaco, if you are looking for an authentic Monte-Carlo experience, then you need to come to us. Let us set you up with the types of cars that turn heads. You can fit in and stand out at the same time.

Lamborghini Rental in Monaco: the most agressive cars at your doorstep

We make the hiring process easy. That is another reason why people come to us to hire cars like the Lamborghini, the Evo. Spyder, Evo rwd and Sto. Most other hiring companies make it increasingly difficult to hire their cars. They are so concerned with locking people down with paperwork that they forget about good customer service, efficient processing, and a smooth transaction. Exotic car rental should not be a chore.

Nobody wants to spend hours dealing with a hire firm when you could be out on the road enjoying the fabulousness that is Monte Carlo and Monaco. When you shop with us for exotic car rental, hiring a luxury car is as quick, efficient and convenient as if you were hiring a Ford runaround or small removals van. Payment is simple, and all insurance matters are handled by us so that you do not have to worry about excessive administration. We are also on hand to answer any of your questions and get you through the process as quickly as possible so that you may start enjoying your supercar rental as soon as possible.

With our help, you will experience the area in your own way, at your own pace, and in style. There is nothing more wonderful than driving a powerful sports car, or luxury car, especially when driving around exotic and magical locations. Create memories, and do not accept second best. We only live once in this life, and it is up to you to make the most of every moment.

Lamborghini Huracan Hire: enjoy the high quality services of Monte-Carlo Sports Car

One of the most popular reasons why people frequent our supercar rental service is because we are one of the few companies that hire out cars like the Lamborghini Huracan, and cars like the Evo, Spyder, Evo rwd and the new Sto. If you are coming to a place like Monte-Carlo, then you want the full experience, and that is what you get when you use our specialist car hire services. We offer the best selection of cars, we give you good customer support, and our processing is easy and efficient. You can get out onto the road, sightseeing and driving around the gorgeous countryside knowing you are in a fabulous car and from a hire company that backs it all the way. The last thing you want, especially if on holiday, is to deal with is a problem with the car.

Are there any other reasons why customer keep coming back to us? The truth is that Monte-Carlo Sports Car have been hiring out cars for a long time. We know what people want, we understand their needs, and we give people a top-quality experience. It is less about the big things and more about the fact that over the years we have honed our service so that we are unrivalled in the area. Other hire companies simply cannot compete with us when it comes to the hiring of luxury cars and sports cars.

1 Day Rate (250 KM incl.) From 1,720 €
3 Days Rate (750 KM incl.) From 4,800 €
7 Days Rate (1750 KM incl.) From 9,200 €
Deductible 40,000 €
Complementary Insurance 160 €
Reduced Deductible 15,000 €