Top Speed 340 km/h
0-100 km/h 2.9 s
Engine V8
Power 720 HP
Seats 2

Let’s imagine you are looking for a sports car rental that really makes an impression? You could try a Lamborghini Urus, but unless you are starring in a James Bond movie, it may come across as you are trying too hard, especially if you are in your late 40s. You don’t want to look like a guy in midlife crisis. You want to look like the car is a natural extension of your personality. If you are looking for a luxury car rental in somewhere like the French Riviera, then a Ferrari strikes just the right balance of luxury and sports car appeal.

Rent a Ferrari: a superior Car

It goes without saying that a Ferrari rental means you are getting superior quality. You are getting a superior engine mixed with the latest technology. It is a car for the elite, and for people who want to make the most of their French riviera experience. Perhaps if you are a parent who has to shovel kids around town, then you could try a Urus, but if you want to be seen, then a Ferrari luxury car rental is for you.

Even if you already own a Ferrari at home, a rental allows you to play around in a new one. Plus, it is far easier and cheaper than transporting your own car overseas. Plus, in a place like Cannes and the Riviera, you want to be seen, and it is tough being seen while your car is stuck in customs.

The Ferrari is as synonymous with class and style as the French Riviera where the rich go to their playground and the wannabes love to spot them. You’ll certainly turn heads as you cruise along the Corniche with onlookers wondering if you’re an A-Lister or not.

The sculpted bodywork, the driving experience and the sheer horsepower are enough to sell a rental Ferrari to most people. Yet, there is also the matter of cost since renting a Ferrari for a short time is decidedly more economical than buying one.


A Ferrari hire without the hassle

As all Ferrari owners know, there are only two downsides to the Ferrari. The first is how difficult it is to get one, especially in some countries. The second is how difficult it is to find a service professional in your area. If you are keen on travel, then a third problem appears, namely that you have a hard time transporting your Ferrari overseas.

Thankfully, those who choose a Ferrari hire from a sports car rental company do not have to face any of those problems. There is always a good amount of availability, and things like servicing need not worry you. Also, rather than transporting your Ferrari, you have a rental waiting for you when you get to France. With its carbon-ceramic brakes and semi-automatic dual-clutch gearbox, the Ferrari is fun to drive and offers up a memorable experience during your trip to France.


Visite the French Riviera with a Ferrari 488 you can easily rent

The Riviera is an ideal place to rent a Ferrari. It’s a match made in heaven. Not only is it a car in which to be seen, but it also makes for a wonderful drive as you cruise between the fabulous towns along the coast eating up the miles as fast as you like. It’s also a dream to drive if you want to head inland into the mountains and national park of Verdon. Whether it’s heading to the world-famous beach in St Tropez or watching the red carpet arrivals at the Cannes Film Festival, you’ll feel like the bee’s knees in your incredible car.

1 Day Rate (250 KM incl.) From 1,900 €
3 Days Rate (750 KM incl.) From 5,200 €
7 Days Rate (1750 KM incl.) From 10,350 €
Deductible 40,000 €
Complementary Insurance 170 €
Reduced Deductible 15,000 €