Why rent a Supercar in Monaco?

Why should you trust Monte-Carlo Sports Car when hiring a luxury car? Let’s cut to the chase, the fact is that we are the gold standard in exotic car rental. We have ties in the community, in the industry, and access to the most exclusive cars, so the only question that needs answering is, why should you rent a supercar or an exotic car?

The strongest reason has nothing to do with snobbery, keeping up appearances, or even with the exquisite luxury that comes with hiring our cars. The strongest reason is so that you fit into the setting, culture, and community. You wouldn’t drive the US salt flats on an electric scooter, just like you wouldn’t try navigating the tiny winding Eastern European roads in a military Humvee. There may be a level or prestige and exclusivity that comes with renting a super car, but the most pressing reason to hire a luxury, exotic, or sports car is so that you fit in and do not look out of place in Monaco.

Rent a supercar in Monaco and experience driving on the F1 Grand Prix Circuit

Monaco is known for being a playground for the people who enjoy an exclusive lifestyle. Whether you are a lifestyle tourist, or whether you are living the dream, there is nothing better than turning up in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Mac Laren whenever you decide to step out.

Why not try the package that allows you to drive on the Monaco F1 Grand Prix circuit? Even the most reserved individual is not above indulging in a little excitement from time to time. Plus, you should note that some of the world’s hottest F1 drivers live in the Monte-Carlo area, such as Lewis Hamilton, Filipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, David Coulthard, among others. It is not uncommon to see these guys milling around the supermarkets and laughing it up in the local bars.

Whether you are paying a short visit, or you are staying for a few months, you are going to make some great memories. Do you want those memories to include the bog-standard cars you can hire at Hertz or Sixt, or do you want to make memories that will make you smile as you look back. Plus, there is a lot of fun taking photos in front of your luxury car, especially if you happen to be parked next to other exquisite sports cars. Try taking a few snaps outside the casino and keep your eyes open because some of the cars that turn up in the car park are often jaw dropping and quite original.

Discover Monaco surroundings by renting a supercar from Monte Carlo Sports Car

Rent a supercar will also let you drive to the marina in the most exclusive way. We can all appreciate a little beauty and luxury, and that is exactly what you will see and experience in the marina. Even people with a smattering of knowledge about yachts and ships will be blown away. Unless you are taking six kids with you, nobody wants to turn up in a people carrier or a hatchback. You want to arrive in a car that tips its hat to your status. A car that demonstrates you fit in. Plus, let us not forget about the scenery, the greenery, the blue sea and clear sky. Nobody is saying driving a modern car is difficult, but the experience as a whole is elevated when you cruise the area in a luxury car. Driving shouldn’t feel like a chore, especially when driving around to see the Neoclassical Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, or the famous palace located next to the Napoleon museum, or when you are cruising to lunch at the CafĂ© de Paris.