Sports Car rental on the French Riviera

The French Riviera is known for its excellent climate and attractive scenery. This region is a famous tourist destination, especially for wealthy individuals. When visiting the place, you should consider taking an exotic car rental from Monte Carlo Sports Car. We have an excellent selection of luxury cars, and these include models from Ferrari and Aston Martin. Since we have an informed and helpful customer support team, you can contact us with details on the type of car you need, and we will be able to recommend a suitable model. Our sports car rental service features different types of vehicles including sedans, minivans, SUVs, and convertibles. With our sports car rental service, you will be able to enjoy your vacation in luxury and comfort. So, which are some of the best places you should visit in this region? Let’s have a look.

Drive Your Sports Car Rental to Menton

Most of the famous tourist attractions of this region are located in Menton, but unlike the surrounding towns, this one is mostly empty. This city is ideally located between Monaco and Italy. The architecture and landscape in this region are unique, so you should find the area relaxing. In fact, some of the gardens in the city have been classified as historical monuments. There are lots of casinos and beaches around, so you can consider visiting them with your sports car rental. In addition, the place hosts some famous events, including the International Lemon Festival. In this festival, people celebrate the yearly production of speciality lemons, as well as other citrus fruits. If you are interested in this event, you should also consider driving your luxury car rental to Palais Carnoles. It is the largest collection of citrus trees in Europe and has received an award for being a remarkable garden. Another place you should drive your car to is the wedding hall that was decorated by Jean Cocteau. This hall is spectacular and its appearance is unique.

Take a Trip to Nice When You Visit French Riviera

You can also drive your Ferrari to this city and enjoy its perfectly lit environment. This is the biggest town in the region, which is why almost everyone desires to visit the place. A key attraction here is the Promenade des Anglais. This is a seaside walk that has been an integral part of the city for close to 200 years. On the eastern side of the Promenade des Anglais, you will find majestic 19th-century palaces. If you love historical places, you should also consider driving your exotic car rental to Vieille Ville, which is the oldest section of the city. It is quite different from the expensive squares in the city. The buildings in this area have an Italian design, and this is because Nice used to be part of Italy until 1860. Once you are done with this city, you can drive your Lamborghini to the neighbouring towns of St-Tropez and Cannes.